"Our research proved that driving a sports car on a daily basis is among the best ways to boost your sense of wellbeing and emotional fulfilment"

Ford Buzz Car

How do you highlight the emotional feeling experienced when driving? We used advanced bio-emotional research to verify ‘Buzz’ moments from driving and created a unique performance car to bring the ‘Buzz’ to life and create extraordinary media noise!

Challenged to increase excitement and the emotional connection between Ford and consumers – we took a literal approach! We undertook extensive bio-emotional research to prove that driving will boost your sense of wellbeing and emotional fulfilment.

Working with neuroscientists and designers, we brought the research to life with the unique Ford Performance Buzz Car: a customised Ford Focus RS incorporating wearable and artificial intelligence technology to animate the driver’s emotions in real time across the car’s exterior.

The campaign targeted 5 key European markets with the Ford Buzz car visiting each country and media & influencers invited to try it for themselves…


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